Thursday, September 07, 2006

Grace and Gratitude

As I type, final preperations are underway for a benefit gala and silent auction being held tonight to raise funds to support the Vampfamily as we work through Vampbaby's treatment. Huge banners have been made, items have been donated by people we've never even met, and the local TV station interviewed me about the benefit for their evening news. Total strangers have bought tickets to attend the event with the masses that we now know as "our community", which seems to be growing by the second.

How do you thank people for this kind of giving? I'm not quite sure that it's possible, in any language. But it is moments like this where I am reminded of the fact that you never, EVER know who's life you will impact. The bank my wife and I do business at just informed us that they're putting something together, after being told through someone else about what we're going through. The BANK, for god's sake! I didn't even realize they knew who we were.

In an age where the concept of friendship is reduced to empty lists on Myspace pages, it is heartwarming to witness that true community does exist, and that caring for your fellow man isn't entirely out of style.


Uncle Wolf said...

Goodwill never stopped existing.

Our awareness of the amazing good deeds people are capable of continues to improve.

Long live the kindhearted. :)

Peace & blessings.

Anonymous said...

hey it's Kyle down here in Florida. Probably too late for this but if you get any sports fans there tonight who know anything about hockey I can get autographed stuff that people might want to pay for. We have some super star players on our team. Vinny Lecavalier, Brad Richards, Martin St. Louis. I can get individual things signed or group signed. The thing that might fetch the most money is a jersey signed by those three. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't be there I had a prior engagment that I could not get out of... My thoughts were with you...