Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Brotherhood of Man

I am tired of so much these days: tired of cancer, tired of financial woes, tired of war, tired of the ceaseless barrage of misery that parades across the news reel, tired of politics and drama getting in the way of common sense and doing the right thing. Yesterday, while a gunman was shooting up Virginia Tech, I was working on a grant to help the non-profit I run work to prevent youth violence in my community. Which reminds me, I'm also tired of writing grants.

But seemingly within moments, with a big smile and squinty eyes, Vampboy runs to me in the grocery store as I meet up with him and Vampmommy for some food shopping. He grips my hand and runs down the isle, determine to show me the "LOB - TERS" that crawl around the tank. He couldn't be prouder as he points them out to me, repeating their name again, over and over.

Another day of brilliant discovery.

In his eyes, the world is still magical and wonderful.

If only more people saw it that way.


Anonymous said...

I agree...well put...If only more people would see it that way!

Oh, The Joys said...

I work in nonprofit too, I am tired too. I wish what you wish too.

Papa Bradstein said...

Amen, brother. I work at an education nonprofit in VA. I hear you loud and clear.

Lawyer Mama said...

Oh, yes. I so wish I could live life through my childrens' eyes for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Vampfamily... Oh you are so right. Vampboy, such a sweet young guy fighting every day to live a healthy life, and then there is this selfish young man taking other lives as if they mean nothing. Senseless! Keep fighting little guy!! We love you all! Auntie Anna and family

Lainey-Paney said...

Ahhh...took my son to the Dallas World Aquarium....in his little mind, everthing we saw was either a "Pish" or a "Daaaawwwwwg".

The otters were dogs.
The turtles were dogs.
The stingrays left him silent.
The fish were pish. As they should be.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is "Amen!"