Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Steady Off

Well, how quickly things change.

For the first time in months, Vampboy is in the hospital with an infection. This followed two days of challenging blood product transfusions, and a bleeding episode that left him looking as though he'd been shot in the chest. On top of this, VB has been indicating that his tummy hurts since yesterday, and by today it was clear that the area around his Mic-key button was infected. This is a common thing, sadly -- in fact, he had a similar reaction when his initial tube was put in back in October. Unfortunately, because it's happening while his immune counts are low, it's back to Chez Healing for a few days.

Complicating things this time around is that Vampmommy has a cold -- so the hospital is the last place that she should be. So, after some schedule wrangling and work off-loading, here I am.

Peachy. September (or October...Or....) won't come soon enough.


Papa Bradstein said...

Ugh. Hang in there. September's on its way one (long, complicated, difficult) day at a time.

Fez said...

This turn of events stinks! Swift healing to Vampbaby and Mommy.

- H

Lainey-Paney said...


I work in a hospital. My whole career has been in a hospital.

My whole life, I've spent about 8 nights in a hospital. Total.
(oh, that doesn't include any night shifts that I've worked...but does include inclement weather nights where I've been stuck here.)

I couldn't imagine bouncing in & out & in & out all of the time. I couldn't imagine juggling the work stuff.
and, I couldn't imagine how bad VampMommy must feel not being able to be near her little guy!

So...I know I say this all the time...but I just don't know how you do it (and, I know the answer...you just do it & you don't really have a choice, etc...)
But, you guys just amaze me.

I'll be in Texas...praying for you guys!

Karen said...

Just found your blog today. Hope your little one recovers quickly from the infection.

Denver Dad said...

I'm sorry to hear things have taken a negative turn. Those feeding buttons are tricky. Good luck getting everyone healthy again!