Tuesday, October 30, 2007

VB 1, C 0

Today is a day in our corner -- the MRI was clean. Next stop will be a visit to Brain Tumor Clinic next week to finish up the process of transitioning to "survivor mode" (whatever that means), followed by gratitude at todays results slowly giving way to anxiety as the weeks pass towards the next MRI in January.

As the day started with a departure for Chez Healing at 5:30am, I'm too tired to say much else witty, and am in desperate need of some down-time in front of the television(there's lots of Tivo to catch up on when you don't allow your son to watch TV).

Tune in again tomorrow night, for the 2007 Vampdaddy Halloween posting -- a little Vampire trivia, and perhaps something else ghoulish to mark one of the greatest of holidays!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! Thanks for posting this happy news. Take some deep breaths and be as thankful for today as you have been for every day since this journey began. I hope you all get some peaceful rest.
- Barb

Jackie's Dad said...

Thanks for the good news! Hope to see the Vampfamily for the T2 Halloween party tomorrow afternoon!

- Jackie's Dad

Papa Bradstein said...

Woo hoo! Hold on to that gratitude with both hands for as long as you can, give VB some (more) hugs and kisses, and get some well deserved rest. What great news to get just in time for your favorite (I assume) holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! This is excellent news!

Lainey-Paney said...

What happy news re: the MRI!

Can't wait to see the Halloween pics!