Sunday, November 18, 2007



Anta said...

What an absolute cutie!

Fez said...

This picture is so cute it hurts!
- H

Jenster said...

Teehee. Here's to a fantastic Thanksgiving at your house!!

Lainey-Paney said...

So cute.
I love it.

justme519 said...

Wishing all of the vampfamily a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for sharing your family, and journey. For that I'm grateful. The "little turkey" is absolutely precious. Again, Thanks. Tanya

Anonymous said...

Well it is about time you heard from the Ex yanks from over the pond!- and not a moment too soon.
So glad to hear that there is a little light showing at the end of the very long tunnel. We got your invitation the day before the party so it was a bit late to book a flight (LOL). Saw flights were only $350 return for the day before Thanksgiving and had thought a surprise visit was in store but alas that has not panned out- it would have been so much fun to see everybody again- especially the Vampfamily. hopefully the day will come soon.
A picture of Vampbaby is on our fridge and so you are never far from our thoughts.
With love,
Helen, Tim, Maddie and Roan