Monday, October 20, 2008

When Staying in Bed is the Better Solution

Today I walked into a wall. It happened while I was escorting someone through my office lobby and into a conference room. Of course, this particular location has a 10-foot tall sculpture of the state hanging on it, which I assessed is made of metal after listening to it clunk against the wall, loud enough for everyone in the building to hear. Granted, this was better that what immediately went through my head: the proud monument to our community crashing onto the floor, maiming someone in the Communications Department.

The person I was meeting with was quite gracious as I peeled myself off the wall and suggested we start with some coffee, as I was clearly in need of a caffeine fix. Let's just say the subsequent coffee-clutch did not improve the rest of the day. While I avoided hitting other structures or further damaging the region, this was definitely a day that ends with a sense that the world would be better off if I stayed at a safe distance.

I'd type more, but I fear my propensity for run-on sentences would somehow set the fish tank on fire. 


Lainey-Paney said...

may tomorrow & all the subsequent days be better.

mumma boo said...

Ouch! Hope the rest of the week is going better!

Anta said...

VD, today someone on the other side of the world knows Here's to better days....they're always just around the corner! (now if we could just reach that corner without stubbing our toe, spilling our coffee, dropping our papers, [insert random disaster here]...sigh).