Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Beginning

Well, here you are -- and here I am. What will follow? Who knows. I keep thinking that, if I put myself to the commitment of having an on-line blog, I will rekindle the lost writing fire that sits inside somewhere -- most likely buried under the pressures of work and family, juggling both on a daily basis with some degree of success up to this point.

Who am I? A thirtysomething who holds fast to the "young me", a parent who can't believe that the one year old running about has altered my life so, a married man who seems to have defied the norm and found a love that is a strong today as it was when it first began, a passionnate left-winger who has dedicated my life's work to improving communities for young people to thrive in (and adults, for that matter). Oh yeah, and in there somewhere is a guy who loves music, good books, great films, and a close circle of dear friends that keep me alive.

Some of this will enter into these pages, but some I will leave out ("let the mystery be", I suppose). Not knowing where I will go from here, I thank you for stopping by and being interested in my little journey. I promise to try to keep it interesting.

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n8opolis said...

Howdy! My grandmother was known as "gasoline baby" for having a similar relationship with sleep. She literally ONLY slept while riding in a car during her earliest years. She has become quite the traveller throughout her life, even now at 85 years, and I wonder if this is some indication as to Vampbaby's future passions and priorities...