Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Birthing of the Rich and Famous

Well, there are reports today that Brittany Spears is pregnant with K-Fed Jr. #2. Dawson is still spinning in his post-series grave after his leading lady gave birth to Tom Cruise Jr., and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are now rumoured to be taking the last soul from the Guff for their little genetic union.

Yes, I need to stop looking at the entertainment news on the home page at my computer at work -- that goes without saying. However, I am struck by the absolute obesssion with impending parenthood of the rich and famous that has gripped us all (or at least the "media"). It's rather interesting that, where once we were obsessed who the famous are dating (or at least seen making out with on some random beach) that now we focus our "Entertainment Tonight" lense on the rich and famous getting in the "family way". I wonder what that says about our society's fascination with fame -- are we looking to the beautiful people to embrace the vision of family that on average no longer exists in America?

I'm probably overthinking this, but at least it took my mind off of Sean Preston's parents for a moment.

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Pete said...

I'm not entirely convinced Katie Holmes was ever actually pregnant, after seeing photos like this: