Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Day

Well, it's been another week of "Fun with Side Effects". I won't get into them here, since you might be eating while you read, but let it be said that the treatment for Vampbaby's cancer is brutal, brutal, brutal. We have now been in the hospital for 3 weeks, and there is likely 2 more to go before going home is even an option. Of course, we are also beginning to accept the reality that Vampbaby's homecoming could be delayed until treatment ends -- a year from now.

However, this weekend has brought the final phase of the chemo cycle upon us: rebound. For the first time in three weeks, my son today sat in my arms, played with a new toy and laughed. He voice is horse from weeks worth of crying, and what can only be described as the worst sore throat EVER (Thanks, Hybermucosa!), but the sound of his giggle flew through the air like a light in the darkness. He even ate some grapes -- nothing short of a miracle.

All of this is cause to celebrate, for within these moments I have seen the fire return to my son's eyes that has always taken our breath away. It will, sadly, be short lived, as he will begin his next chemo cycle early next week and return to the murky world of illness. But for today, I am seeing Vampbaby as he was, and hopefully will be.


Anonymous said...

Good to know that you're seeing the signs of normalcy - however brief - and rejoicing in them. I'm so glad to hear that even for one afternoon, you had your son back. Hang onto those moments as you go through this.
Blessed Be,
heather a~*

Heather said...

Teaches us to appreciate the moment, yes? Here's to moments of fire and laughter when they come!


Denver Dad said...

My thoughts and best wishes are still with you and your family, Vampdaddy. Best of luck to your son.

Uncle Wolf said...

Each laugh today helps us learn how to laugh for a lifetime.

Offering prayers for health, smiles of love and thoughts worthy of laughter.

Uncle Wolf