Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Sweetest Sound...

...Is the following, which I heard over the phone this morning when I called to check in on Vampbaby in the hospital:


Yes, for the first time, my son and I talked on the phone. Sweet. Oh, and he's coming home today -- even sweeter!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous!! As always, your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers...
...and an interesting sidenote, he is not the only Declan who is having troubles. I met a woman today who was talking about her premie nephew who is struggling, whose name is also Declan. I showed her my Team Declan bag, and she said that it's spelled the same way as well. I found that interesting.
Also, i recently got my Reiki I and II attunements, perhaps in a few weeks we can get together and i can work on the vampbaby, if you're open to it. :)
heather a.~*

Anonymous said...

That is terrific that Vampbaby is coming home. What a simple Hiiii.... can do! Sure put a smile on my face. Love you! Anna

Uncle Wolf said...

He's home for a break! Yaayyyy! :-)

Keep up the good effort Vampfamily!

Uncle Wolf

Anonymous said...

That is so great that he can come home again. I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts.


your said...
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