Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Low, 'tis a gala night....

Well, I guess there would be no "Vamp" in Vampdaddy if I didn't post on Halloween - the Vampfamily's favorite holiday!

Vampboy spent the day wandering around in his Jester costume (good thing for Vampmommy she made it slightly over-sized when he wore it last year, so it still fits), taking candy and gifts of stickers and toys from well wishers. This was followed by a fun time decorating spooky-themed cookies. Who could ask for anything more on this day?

Well, we could -- seeing as Vampboy's festivities took place while he's in the hospital. But at least a place that works largely with kids knows when it's time to throw a party! One of Vampboy's docs came by dressed as a penguin, and while Scrubs didn't commit to the holiday as fully as she claims to, she did arrive at his room with a sporty pirate eye patch.

So, we shrug off our disappointment and take solace in the fact that he had fun, and seemed to get through the day without a crippling fever or other such nastiness.

A short post, I know, but it is late in the evening and sleep calls. As a public service, I will close my Halloween post with a little known fact: the concept that Vampire's can only come out a night is not part of traditional Vampire folklore. "Dracula" was the first novel to include that limitation. So even the day is not safe.

Nighty night.


Anonymous said...

Any Halloween pictures to share? Glad to hear that your evening went well - I was thinking about your little man as all the creatures came to my door.

Kisses and hugs to you all,
Aunt Vanessa

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to Vampboy and family. I think about all of you so much. Its so hard to be so far away. GOD BLESS you all.....I miss you all....Love Uncle Jim

Uncle Wolf said...

Glad to know everyone had a good time. :-)

Prayers of Peace & Healing.

Uncle Wolf

Anonymous said...

Tym - great to do some catch up on your life - outside of work, that is. I love the story abuot the doc as a penguin (was it like a full length penguin suit?) - I love penguins and I'm very excited about Happy Feet the cartoon which opens on November 17th - I know it would make you smile. I promise I'll do my best impression of the movie when I see you after November 17th. Thinking of all of you - Linda