Monday, October 16, 2006

Vampboy Rocks

Well, I would have preferred to be mentioning here that Vampboy is back in the hospital to start his next chemo round, but instead we have a few days of delay since his counts aren't high enough. So, as a consolation, here's a photo of him studying the compilation cd created by the bands that participated in the benefit concert this weekend. A future metal-head? I think Uncle Devilman should be proud....


Anonymous said...

I think Uncle Devilman would be proud. Future metal head he might be...who knows?!?! Cute pic though!
Miss Beth

margie said...

Hello Vampfamily, to let you know that we are thinking of you and sending Greetings, love and prayers from the West Indies. Love, Margie and Jeff

Heather said...

So adorable!

With love,

Heather (J)

pete said...

This is beyond cute. Should be your brother's next CD cover. : )

Love y'all lots.

Jessica said...

Definately looks like he's gonna be into metal! You guys are in my thoughts.



Angela said...

Well, with you two as parents, of course he has an appreciation for all types of music :-)

Great photo.


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable!

Much love

Uncle Wolf said...

Hee deededle dee diddy dumm ...

~Uncle Wolf

Kristen said...

Hello all... I have been thinking about all of you quite a bit for a while, and I apologize that I'm only writing now. Laura has been keeping me up to date, and I'm wishing you and Declan all the best. Tym, I read your anniversary article and I cried!! That was absolutely amazing!! I know you are extraordinarily busy, but if you have a second to pop me an email and let me know how Declan is doing, it would be great. My address is If not, I completely understand. I wish you well, and I miss Mr. Declan!! Love, Kristen

keri said...


i had a dream about you last night,
i went to a meeting, and you were hosting it
you were rocking a mad 'fro
a 'stache, and some aviator glasses
but i hugged you, and cried and cried
i could feel the tears running down my face
i was so happy to see you,
and i wanted everything to be ok for you.
Here's to meeting again, happy, in this life or the next