Monday, January 14, 2008

3 of 8

8 things I'd like to say 8 people right now.

1. "Don't ever do that again -- I eat people like you for breakfast."

2. "Are you kidding me?"

3. "Peuggers."

4. "What do you care more about -- your bottom line or the people you' re supposed to be helping?"

5. "Sounds to me like a serious case of ennui."

6. "#1 goes for you as well, moron."

7. "This was a complete waste -- I demand you give me back the last two hours of my life!"

8. "No, I will not tell you who these 8 people are. Maddening, isn't it?"


Papa Bradstein said...

I like your sayings.

And your rules for this damn meme.

And I don't care who they were, I still like your sayings.

Fez said...

What does "peuggers" mean?


the manny said...

I can't believe #3 is on there...who knew that would live on well after a decade?

Lainey-Paney said...

ditto fez's comment.
what does "peuggers" mean?

Anonymous said...

I am checking in to see how vampboy is doing.
Hoping the seizures are being controlled. How
is school going for him? Please give us a little update
on him. Thanks. Joanne