Thursday, January 31, 2008

7 of 8

First off -- Vampboy's MRI this week has been postponed until the 15th -- as the hospital lost our scheduling paperwork. They probably lost it 3 months ago, but thankfully we found out before depriving VB of food for 8 hours and driving to the city well before sunrise tomorrow. The fun never stops, does it?

Speaking of which.....

8 Songs I could listen to over and over again.

Rather than explain my nuanced admiration for these little numbers, I'll challenge you to go listen and judge for yourself. Enjoy.

1. Wolf in the Breast by Cocteau Twins

2. Beethoven's 9th Symphony

3. Pity by the Creatures

4. Downside Up by Peter Gabriel

5. Mercy of the Fallen by Dar Williams

6. Lovecats by The Cure

7. It's not Up to You by Bjork

8. Vanilla by Cybill Shepherd

Just seeing if you were paying attention on that last one....

Enjoy the weekend -- and the real super bowl!


heather~* said...

I absolutely adore the Puppy Bowl! I'm so disappointed that i don't have cable and will have to miss it this year! So sad!
Oh, and i just started my own blog here at blogspot. Exciting! :P
heather a~*

goldenbicep said...

I admire so much about you, but Bjork... My first experience with Bjork felt like the world's longest movie. Probably not the best way to judge a musician.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I am surprised there isn't a song by Amy
Winehouse on your list. Best wishes to the
three of you. Hope VB's having fun at school
and in general. I am so glad the seizures
are controlled now. Joanne

Papa Bradstein said...

Man, I've got to take another listen to Cybill.

Lainey-Paney said...

...I can't believe "Ice Ice Baby" is not on that list.
...what the heck, man?

the manny said...

Oh my god, #8! I still need to get that on my iPod....