Sunday, February 24, 2008


Happy Birthday, VB -- Daddy loves you.

"Happy Birthday" by The Innocence Mission


Fez said...

That was so cute and sweet it brought me to tears. Happy Birthday, Vampboy!

Anonymous said...

As I brush away my tears I have to take a moment to thank the Vamp family. I am a cynic. A hopeful cynic, but a cynic just the same. I am un-impressed by many things I should probably sit up and listen to and gain inspiration.

But instead I question..question..question. Still, every day I look at your Vamp Family posts so I can have a moment of inspiration that chips away at my block of cynicism. Today I thank you sharing in you blogs the power of love mirrored in the strength and innocence of VB. The simplicity and depth of your love inspires me everyday. Kathryn

Steve said...

Happy Birthday, little man.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Happy Birthday and many, many many, more!!

heather~* said...

This made me cry. It was so wonderfully done. VB is so adorable... and i must say, he has the best hats EVER! :)
Happy Birthday, Beautiful.
heather a~*

Francesca Giessmann said...

i knew my 'connection' with VB was extra special.. he is ONE year and ONE day older than MY BOY..
Vampdaddy.. enjoy.. I know you may , at times, have question if this day would happen.. I know I did question if I was going to be around MY BOY Bday celebration that happened yesterday.. .But here we are.. ALL happy
much love

Papa Bradstein said...

Happy Birthday, little guy. That was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. How magnificently beautiful. Happy Birthday Vamp Boy.

Anonymous said...

So HAPPY Vampboy had a terrific birthday!! I loved the slide show! Kisses to all! Love you, Aunt Anna

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Declan, my very special friend. What a beautiful message and fabulous pictures. I miss you already!! Hugs to mommy and daddy from me!

xoxoxoxo Amy

Lainey-Paney said...

So great!

...and how cute was that Halloween costume? Oh!My!Goodness! I just wanted to yum him up!!!!

Happy Birthday VB!

Mayghen said...

That was a beautiful slide show. Happy Birthday Vamp boy

Anonymous said...

Oh darn! I have been in Indiana for a few
weeks and missed VB's birthday! The
pictures are priceless! Thank you for sharing
them with us. He is adorable! Hope all is
well and that VB is enjoying playing with
the kids everyday at school.
Joanne(from SoCal)

Arnie said...

I'm late to the party...but Happy Birthday!

What a beautiful son you have - those pictures are wonderful. I am honored to be associated. Hope to see you on Marathon Day.