Sunday, April 06, 2008

A True Sign We're in a Recession

Today we were in the car after visiting my father, who is recovering from a collapsed lung at the local hospital. Serious, yes -- but all seems to be on the mend, and as we pointed out the day he was admitted -- "Hey, it's not a brain tumor."

Anyway, as we were leaving the hospital for the evening, Vampboy asked is we could go out to "lunch" before going home.

"No, son," I reply. "First off, it's time for dinner and not lunch. But anyway, we can't go out to eat, as mommy and I are poor."

Vampboy thinks for a minute. "Daddy -- don't you have your wallet?"

At this point, Vampmommy is trying to hide her laughter. I answer straight away. "I do, but there's no money in it. Sorry."

"Oh." Another pause, then: "Mommy, do you have YOUR wallet?"

VM contains her laughter and responds as I did. Vampboy thinks long and hard.

"I don't HAVE a wallet. I should go buy one with Mommy."

Yes, if only he had a wallet. That would solve everything!


Jackie's Dad said...

That's funny! Don't make the mistake we did - Jackie knows what a credit card is...

keri said...

too cute. i wished that worked. for serious.

you know whats weird? i saw you liked the dresden dolls i went to high school with brian viglione. He like won every high school talent show ever and freaked out moms something fierce when he dressed in burlesque while performing.

i always knew he would go far

Papa Bradstein said...

Dude, he's solved all of our problems. I'm going to get myself a second wallet, so we can have a little spending money.

creative-type dad said...

In that case, I'm buying a whole lot of wallets

soapfaerie said...

How funny! :)
And if you remember, Keri and i went to school together, so i can attest to the fact that we went to school with Brian haha. And he DID rock our socks! :)

Mumma Boo said...

Vampboy is a smart, smart kid. Takes after his parents, of course.

Having taken classes with you (and having abandoned you to teach unruly high-schoolers on your own during my ill-fated time at grad school - yes, I suck), I decided to tag you with a meme to see what courses you REALLY wish they would have taught us. If you get a chance, click on over. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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