Monday, April 21, 2008

-4, +5

A beautiful day for a marathon! Of course, before you think I did any of the running, think again -- I'm lucky if I can run to the mailbox. But lots of other people did -- including Arnie, who ran to raise money for Children's Hospital with Vampboy as his patient partner. He certainly made it look easy, and Vampboy enjoyed screaming "Run, Arnie, Run!" to everyone who passed by.

The other runner we watched out for and cheered on was Othergirl's mom -- and it dawns on me that I hadn't updated my readers with how she's doing after her relapse. I am happy to share that, after a grueling round of outrageously intense chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, Othergirl is home and cancer-free. Also doing well is Princess, who is awaiting the results of a radiostatic surgery to hopefully confirm "free of disease" status.

That leaves "4" - the young girl we met towards the end of our treatment time. We sadly discovered this weekend that she passed away a little over a week ago. Her situation was far more challenging at the start than the rest of us, but it doesn't make the news any easier to hear. Our hearts and minds are with her parents and family these days.

In other news, to quote Yoda who said "there is another", we met "5" this past weekend. We heard about them a couple of weeks ago through Eliza, and while we were in Boston for a pre-marathon party we decided to stop by the hospital and introduce ourselves. The new patient is 15 months old (Vampboy's age when he was diagnosed). Her parents are friendly and outgoing and, like any other family on the planet, they don't deserve this. But, they are ready to fight and glad to know they can lean on someone who's been there.

It's like the first day you called in sick to elementary school, and were shocked to learn that the day went on without you. Now that we're not in treatment, it feels as though that should be the end of anyone having to go through it. Sadly, life doesn't work like that -- and neither does cancer.


Eliza said...

I'm glad you connected with "5" and her family, although I wish there'd never been reason for you to seek each other out. So glad to hear about Othergirl though--I was wondering, but didn't want to ask. Vampboy continues to become more adorable in each picture we see of him; I have a soft spot for little ones who have been through FAR TOO MUCH and he is one of my top baby blog-crushes. Devastatingly handsome, and quite stylish--loved his "silly outfit!"

Arnie said...

It was quite a honor and a pleasure to Run for Vamboy yesterday. I was surprised to see the sign you guys had made for me - thank you for your support!

And when I met you all Saturday - well - it was great to see the little guy. What an an amazing smile. It was really emotional for me - after all these months of following him on the blog and running those miles. Vampboy, Vampmom and Vamdad are my heroes. Compared to what you all have done, running this race yesterday was nothing.

Thank you for letting me be a part of vampboy's life.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy Vampboy is doing so well! His
photos are priceless! Just in case you did not know, Grayson and family are in Lueven,
Belgium. He is receiving a vaccine made from
his tumor tissue. Since his reccurence, the drs
at LA Children's Hosp. felt this would be the
next best step. Wishing you and your family
the very best life has to offer. May Vampboy's
future MRI's forever be clear.

Anonymous said...

Vampfamily... I am so happy you enjoyed your trip Vampdaddy! Everyday when I get into John's Pilot, I look at the picture of Vampboy that has been hanging on his rear-view mirror since Vampboy was a baby, and say a little prayer for his health and happiness. I feel so optimistic that Vampfamily will be considered survivors of this terrible cancer ordeal, and you will live a long and happy life together as a wonderful family! Love & Miss You! Anna