Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vampdaddy in the City

A few weeks ago, Vampmommy decided to force me into a hiatus from reality in order to reduce my stress and give me a bit of a break. This past weekend I followed her orders, packed my trunk and made my way to the "Big Apple" for a few days of tomfoolery with my good friend "The Manny". There was good food (in particular a reunion with friends over the largest pork chop I have ever seen) and some damn good art. The photo above was taken of me at the Colors Exhibit at MoMA, after I briefly shared an escalator with Martina Navratilova. She seemed lost -- but aren't we all when confronted with gigantic paint swatches and Andy Warhol?

Not to be overwhelmed by the grandeur of high-class entertainment, the Manny helped me "keep it real" with some particularly stunning screenings of television and film greatness. I laughed, I cried, and I learned -- namely, that John Travolta and Lily Tomlin are a creepy couple, Captain and Tennille's Variety Show holds a spot in my subconscious memories of youth (I actually remembered a skit from the show when we watched it), and Pia Zadora is far, far from lonely.

Oh, and according to the Wii Fitness Challenge, I have the athletic prowess of a 67 year old. I didn't realize the close connection between declining health and my ability to suck at Wii Baseball, but there you go.

All in all it was a great time away, made only better by the exciting moment of having Vampboy run up to me at the bus station with a smile that could outshine a nuclear blast. Borrowing the tradition from my dad, who always brought home a small gift when returning from a business trip, I was sure to return with prize in hand -- a shirt from the Natural History Museum which he wore proudly to school the next day.

Of course, the timing for the getaway couldn't have been better. This week is a big one for us, as Friday brings the next MRI. As I know many of you will spend some time Friday morning sending some energy our way, I ask that you take a moment now and send some love to Princess. Our dear friend and co-treatment warrior had an MRI today that shows what is most likely a relapse, having finished treatment with a "radio-static surgical procedure" two months ago. There is more testing in the coming days to confirm the diagnosis before "Attack Plan B" goes into effect, but our hearts sank with the news that her journey through treatment may not be over.

For those keeping score, out of the four children (including Vampboy) who were in treatment around the same time (not including our new friend "5", who is at the beginning of her treatment) -- one has died, and two have relapsed and continue to fight.

And Vampboy? I'll let you know Friday night....


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a chance to get away. It
always does one good to have a change
of scenery ever so often. I will definitely
send Vampboy positive energy for nothing
less than a clear MRI. How is he doing? Is he
going to school (preschool) everyday, and
enjoying the other kids? The very best to the
three of you.

Lainey-Paney said...

MOMA: Where shall I sit? Is a chair a chair, or is it art? Is this bench just a bench, or is it art?

loved MOMA. But didn't love all of the art I saw....
On the whole, I'd give it two thumbs up, but on a percentage scale, I'd say...90% of it was great...10% was something I could create in my sleep & call it art.

....okay, that's random opinions for you...

Getting away: very good! clearly VampMommy is looking out for you! Hope you are doing the same for VM!

Good vibes for more clean MRIs/CTs & the like!

the manny said...

Nicely recapped-I like that you bothered to point out all of the hideous things I made you watch...at least there was much laughter, which is the best kind of medicine there is as they say.

So sad to hear about the status of the 4 kids. My thoughts go out to all of them and their families, as well as the three of you on Friday morning.

Big hugs from the dirty apple.

Anonymous said...

Vampfamily... So happy you enjoyed your trip! Hopefully tomorrow's news will bring a huge smile to all of your faces. Everyday now since Vampboy was a baby, when I get into John's pilot, I look at Vampboy's picture hanging from the rear-view mirror and say a quick little prayer for his health and happiness. I feel so optimistic that you have all survived this terrible cancer journey and will live on to see many happy years together! Miss and Love you! Anna

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep us posted... warm, healing thoughts surrounding your family...
heather a~*

Stephanie (Bram's auntie) said...

Saying a prayer for you all that Friday brings great news. :)