Saturday, July 05, 2008

While Waiting for the Real Fireworks to Start

VB seems back on track, so we made the obligatory trip to the fireworks display in the next town over -- which is the town I grew up in.

VD: You see that building right there, son? That's where your daddy went to high school.

VB: Oh.

VD: Actually, not that part of the building. That wing didn't exist at the time. I went to that part.

VB: Oh. I go to school.

VD: (thinking) Hmmmm...That sculpture wasn't there either. And it seems they aren't letting people on the football field. That's odd -- that's where we used to sit. I guess we'll sit here, at the same spot we started our short-lived Croquet club; complete with finger sandwiches and rousing versions of "que sera, sera". How very Heathers it all was.

That was so long ago...Damn, I'm getting old!

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Papa Bradstein said...

People ask where 3B got his red hair. We used to say, "Papa has a red beard." But, we were getting a lot of weird looks. Now we say, "Papa had a red beard before it went gray." Now, people say, "Oh. OK. I can see that." We're not getting any younger.