Friday, June 23, 2006


And now, a word from Vampmommy.....

Today he woke with a smile.
Today he asked and signed for more, again.
Today he ate a whole bananna.
Today we will talk with the Doctor.
Today we laughed and giggled while playing with his new puppy (thank you Patty)
Today he picked up and flashed the flashlight in his own eye, it made us laugh
Today he compared belly buttons with Daddy
Today we will talk with the Doctor.
Today he poured Cheerios all over the bed.
Today he played with a box full of blocks
Today we read our favorite books
Today he played with an empty Cheerio box.
Today we will talk with the Doctor.
Today we will talk with the Doctor.
Today we will talk with the Doctor.
Today, we go home.
Tomorrow . . .


Anonymous said...

We're very glad to hear the little guy is improving and heading home!!

We're thinking of you guys, and hope that his recovery continues to progress so well!!


Chrissy and Jay

CountryChick said...

To the tough little guy...
Someone is certainly looking out for you! Everyone at school sends well wishes and is excited to hear that you are going home!!
Today you get to go home to all your toys, to your dog, to your crib which you will hopefully SLEEP in...who would have thought all this could happen in less than one week. Everyone in the world has been rooting for you little man! I can't wait to have you and hug you and hold on tight again! I miss your smile...but will see it soon as you play with your new friends in toddler land.
Keep chuggin along!!
Miss Beth

Mama Nabi said...

Still thinking of the little Vampbaby... I have a feeling he'll come out 100% clear! Hang in there, Vampfamily!

thedokta said...

Great! I am glad to hear the little guy is up and doing well. Vampbaby's resilience is expected coming from his stock... :)
Hope you and Mel continue to weather this storm and I will continue to send you all the positive vibes I can!


Uncle Craig said...

Be not afraid.

Many have confidence in you.

Uncle Craig