Monday, June 12, 2006

The True Plague

Well, Vampbaby has made marked improvements on the sleeping front -- from a 2-hour screamfest on night one of our new "sleeping understanding", all the way to this evening -- where he landed softly in his crib, rolled over and went to sleep without so much as a peep. It's a miracle!

But wait -- that was too easy! No, the dreaded beast that lies in wait leaps forward, ready to pounce and destroy any shred of overnight peace we've found. And who is this monster from the depths of hell?

A cold -- or, perhaps allergies. But whatever it is, it is pouring out of our son's nose, filling his lungs with goo, and making him slightly less than his perky self. Now as I've said before, this ceaseless sniffle-fest comes with the territory of daycare. However, the fact that it chooses to arrive, almost like clockwork, on the night when we're at the cusp of a sleeping breakthrough, is almost too much to bear. We do have one ally on our side tonight, though. Since we're not sure whether this is indeed a cold, or our son showing the signs of seasonal allergies, the doctor has recommended the sleep aid from heaven known as Benadryl. If it clears up the issue, then it's allergies. If it doesn't, then it's a cold and we're screwed to a point -- but at least Vampbaby will sleep tonight overcome with drowsy-making drugs. I find it a bit unnerving that parents routinely give their kids over the counter medications to help them sleep, and I have no intention of becoming one who does that. But tonight, I will not mind the cold so much if he snoozes his way through it with a little help.


Pete said...

So sorry to hear that your sleep plan has been's hoping he clears up soon and comes to love his crib all night long. (And not necessarily in a Lionel Richie way).

Pickle's Papa said...

Might be the AC. Hope for that one, they adjust to it.

p.s. nice to see someone else that listened to that music has made the leap to functional member of society.

I remember seeing Dead Can Dance on their high school gymnasium tour.